Company fulfill the Census Work and Fixing Logo House Number Plate Work and
National Family Welfare program at all Gram Panchayat area in all state in India as per
order information of the Under-Secretary of Election Commission of India.
Company has a group of enthusiastic people who strive to work by all mean. We as a team use our strength to make our project successful. We divide our work into the team as per their capabilities and working style. To get more successful results we divide responsibilities accordingly so that everyone can work freely without losing their creativity. We work with our vendors as a team so that they can perform best in any task or project. We run this company as a team project, that everyone can get a chance to rise according to their strength and capabilities. We focus on quality work rather than quantity work.


Nature of Work: – Fixation permanent house number plate work and Census workin all over India.

Project Description/Type of Work: – Plate fixing at house survey and fixing logo house number in plate work and national Family Welfare programmed at all Gram Panchayat area in all state in India.